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Passport Acceptance Facility Finder

Passport Acceptance Facility Finder

Priority Passports & Visa Services guarantees you will receive your new .US passport by your departure date! When we receive your package, you will receive your passport back by your travel date, guaranteed!
Please follow these steps in order for Priority Passports & Visa Services to expedite your application for a US passport. You may print out this page for your convenience.
Consider this:
If you choose to use "normal" processing via the Post Office (i.e. not an expediting service like ours), the process will take up to 6 weeks.
The following link will take you to a "location search page", provided by provided by the Department of State's Bureau of Consular Affairs, Office of Passport Services/Customer Service, which designates many post offices, clerks of court, public libraries and other state, county, township, and municipal government offices that process the passport acceptance application.

Please note that not every post office and clerk of the court processes passport acceptance.

To find your local agent, click here.

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Passport Acceptance
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Passport Acceptance
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